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Company Profile

Byco Isomerisation Pakistan (Private) Limited (BIPPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL). BIPPL acquired its isomerisation plant from BPPL in March 2015. The isomerisation plant with a processing capacity of 12,500 barrels per day (BPD) is located at Mauza Kund, Sub Tehsil Gadani, District Lasbella, Baluchistan.

The isomerization plant is used for converting Light Naphta into Premium Motor Gasoline (PMG). Light Naphta is an export product but by treating through the isomerisation unit the resultant product i.e., PMG will add value to it (depends upon light Naphta and Motor Gasoline product prices). It also converts the hazardous unsaturated compounds (benzene ring) to non-hazardous saturated compounds (cyclohexane ring). So, Motor Gasoline from Isomerisation Unit is more environment friendly than that from Platformer unit, and product volume ratio is higher in isomerisation unit as compared to platformer unit. So, sales volume will be much higher.

The Isomerisation Unit comprised of three sections, (i) Feed Preparation (ii) Penex, and (iii) Molex.

KEY FACTSByco Isomerisation Pakistan (Private) Limited (BIPPL)
Name Byco Isomerisation Pakistan (Private) Limited
Country Pakistan
Date of Incorporation May 14th, 2014
Incorporated Under Companies Ordinance, 1984(XLVII of 1984)
Location Mouza Kund, Sub Tehsil Gadani, District Lasbela, Baluchistan, Pakistan
Status Private Company Limited by Shares
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Amir Abbassciy
Registered Address Room No. 406 & 407, 4th Floor, 55-B, Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Portfolio Blending, Refining and Processing of Petroleum Naphta to Produce Petroleum Products such as Premium Motor Gasoline.
Key Installations ISOM Unit
Status Operational
Capacity 12,500 barrels per day
Major Products Premium Motor Gasoline
Company Auditors EY Ford Rhodes
Chartered Accountants
National Tax Number (NTN) 7170315-6
Computer Generated Unique Identification Number (CUIN) 0088282

Organization Structure