Byco’s New Refinery Completes Trial Run

March 18, 2013

Byco’s newly completed 120,000 (ie ~ 6.00 million tons per annum) bpd oil refinery, largest in the country, successfully completed its 72hour continuous performance test run at 60% of its capacity over the week-end. During the performance test run operation the refinery produced fully on-specification petroleum products such as naphtha, kerosene, HSD and HSFO. Following the 72 hour run the newly constructed refinery has completed all critical tests which render assurance to credible mechanical integrity and operability. As a result, the refinery is ready in all respects for production of petroleum products.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Mr. Qaiser Jamal, CEO, Byco Oil Pakistan Limited, said, “We are thankful to Allah Almighty that this refinery project once a vision has today been transformed into reality. It is also a matter of pride that project construction and proving trial run has all been done using indigenous expertise thus BOPL reposed huge confidence in pure Pakistani human resource. This has not only given exposure to our people but also saved considerable foreign exchange for the government. We had to counter many detractors who, despite their unrelenting efforts, failed to dim our spirits. The result, today Pakistan’s largest refining complex is ready to serve the Nation”.

This new refinery will greatly enhance the domestic refining capacity, taking the current capacity of ~ 12.5 million metric tons per annum to ~ 18.5 million metric tons per annum and based on full throughput is expected to produce on an annual basis about 1.6 million tons HSFO, 2.4 million tons HSD, 1.1 million tons of MS and0.8 million tons of LPG. It is very important to note that as all of these products are deficit and therefore, imported, the refinery will substitute imports by providing locally refined petroleum products. This will substantially help save foreign exchange for the Country and help move towards self sufficiency in refining capacity.

About Byco

Headquartered in Karachi, Byco is an emerging energy company engaged in the business of oil refining, petroleum marketing, chemicals manufacturing and petroleum infrastructure logistics.