Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a leading energy company through delivering the core business, achieve sustainable productivity and profitability to deliver a superior shareholder return.

Cnergyico values are the guiding principles that define how it conducts its business and what it stands for as a company. This includes:


  • Setting high standards of care for environment, health and safety.
  • Investment in human capital, offer competitive employment terms and provide safe and congenial working environment and an equal opportunity for all our employees.
  • Entail human resource development and promotes openness, professionalism, teamwork and trust.
  • Enhancing value addition, implementing conservation measures and growth up-gradation through addition of newer generation technologies.
  • Credibility, goodwill and reputation earned through ethical practices, honesty, integrity and respect for people.
  • Safeguarding of shareholders' interest and providing them with a consumerate return on equity is an integral part of our business ethics.

These values are the basis of our commitment to operate as a sustainable energy company.