Byco Diesel Engine product range


INTELU SUPREME (API-CI4 Diesel Engine Oil)

Byco Intelu Supreme Multi Grade high performance oil for a variety of diesel engines especially heavily loaded commercial vehicles and construction equipments operating in extreme conditions. Our lubricant contains selected additives designed to provide three layer protection to improve engine and oil performance in three key areas: acid, corrosion and deposit control, reduce engine wear, suitable for heavy-duty turbo and non-turbo charged diesel engine for on and off highway applications.


INTELU CLASSIC (API-CH4 Diesel Engine Oil)

Byco Intelu Classic is a high performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specially designed to lubricate high speed turbo charged diesel engines requiring API CH-4, CF or SJ performance lubricants. Formulated with advance quality base oil in conjunction with superior additive package technology to deliver longer engine life and enhanced performance.


INTELU PREMIUM (API-CF4 Diesel Engine Oil)

Byco Intelu Premium multi grade diesel engine oil is designed with proven combination of additives that cater to the varying needs of your engine. It includes active dispersants to wash away dirt keeping your engine clean. The additives release its effectiveness to ensure reliable and consistent protection against deposits and wear to resist thickening of the oil in high operating temperatures. It is prime quality multi-grade diesel engine oil designed for all types of turbo charged engines operating under high-speed, high load and severe field conditions.



Byco Intelu Enhanced SAE 20W-50 multi-grade diesel engine oil is designed for hot, cold, steep & dusty environmental operations where you are sure that your oil will protect your engine under such operating conditions.


INTELU GOLD (API-CD Diesel Engine Oil)

Byco Intelu Gold monograde diesel engine oils are used for streamlining of lubricants for vehicle and fleet equipment with less powerful engines. Whether continuously at full throttle or in STOP and GO motion, Intelu Gold protects against wear, dirt deposits and corrosion in different operating conditions with low oil consumption and extended oil change intervals.