TBN-50 Marine Oil

Performace Standard: API CF


  • Extends Rings and Liner Life
    Highly alkaline detergent additive system ensures that acidic by-products from the combustion of high sulfur fuel are effectively neutralized to minimize ring and cylinder liner wear.
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
    Special combination of highly refined base oils and highly detergent additive system minimizes deposit formation in the ring belt zone to prevent ring sticking. Deposits are also minimized in the combustion chamber and exhaust areas. High viscosity and lubricity maintain an oil film under the most severe high load conditions. Thereby reducing frictional wear and preventing scuffing of liners, pistons and rings.
  • High Power Outputs
    Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability assist the detergent/dispersant additive system in providing excellent control of high temperature deposits in area such as the under crown of the piston and the piston ring belt area, enabling piston rings to function effectively.


  • Cylinder lubrication of all marine crosshead-type diesel engines operating in both marine and stationary service, and burning heavy residual type fuel oils. Particularly recommended where fuel sulfur content is higher than 3%.
  • Engine operating at high specific outputs and high thermal loads where manufacturers consider a high level of alkalinity will provide the necessary protection and the use of an SAE 40 is specified.

Key Properties

SAE Grade 40 Test Method
Base No. mg KOH/g 50 ASTM D-2896
Sulfated Ash m% 6 ASTM D-874
Viscosity@40°C mm²/s 155.5 ASTM D-445
Viscosity@100°C mm²/s 15.4 ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index 100 ASTM D-2270
Pour Point°C -12 ASTM D-97
Flash Point°C 250 ASTM D-92

Note: The typical characteristics are given as a guide only and may vary according to latest production according to ISO.