Soluble Cutting Oil

Recommended Dosage

The concentration of Socol metal working fluid varies on the type of machining operations required, water hardness and the level of protection required against rust protection. Socol is usually used in an oil-to-water ratio of 1:10 to 1:60 or as per the application required. In general, a richer emulsion is used for the more difficult jobs, the intermediate for the free-machining metals and the lean mixtures are used for operations where massive cooling is required, like in grinding.


  • Emulsion stability – Readily emulsifies to form a stable emulsion in wide range of water hardness.
  • Corrosion protection – This is guaranteed both for machine tool and metal piece.
  • High Lubricity – High mineral oil content of emulsion provides excellent tool lubrication and finish to machining piece.
  • Non-ferrous – Suitable for use with non-ferrous metals.


  • High quality oil
  • Reduces heat
  • Improves tool life
  • Gives a better surface finish
  • Stable and long lasting emulsion
  • Stable in use and in storage

Storage Instruction

To be stored in temperatures 5°C to 40°C for not over 10 to 12 months & to be protected from freezing.


  • Byco Socol is a water soluble oil with highly refined mineral oil contents suitable for wide range of machining activities on low to medium alloy steels, aluminum, copper and copper alloys and brass. Ideally suited for machine workshops that work with mixed metal grades.
  • Suitable for engineering workshops with high machining activities on different grades of metals.

Key Properties

Properties Unit Value Test Method
Specific Gravity @15°C g/cm3 0.875 ASTM D-1298
Kinematic Viscosity @40°C mm2/sec 29.55 ASTM D-445
Kinematic Viscosity @100°C mm2/sec 5.38 ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index - 116 ASTM D-2270
pH of 5 vol %, in water - 11.1 ASTM E-70
Refractometer Factor - 1 -
Density @20°C Kg/m³ - 880-890 -
Mineral Oil Content - 80% -

Note: The typical characteristics are given as a guide only and may vary according to latest production according to ISO.