Sugar Mill Oil 3800

Performance Standard: 

  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-D9


Byco Oger EP Gear Oils helps to improve system efficiency by:

  • Excellent Wear Protection Under Adverse Conditions:
    The high load carrying capacity and adhesive properties of the residual base oil ensures that a tough, durable lubricating film is maintained on exposed gears and surface.
  • Good Rust Protection:
    The tenacious lubricant coating protects exposed metal surfaces against the elements. The special compounding components provide
    additional rust protection by resisting water washout.
  • Quiet Operation of Gears:
    The highly cohesive lubricant coating remains pliable and effectively cushions gears and contacting surfaces.


  • Open gears in sugar mills, mining, quarrying and construction equipment.
  • Chains and sprockets.
  • Wire rope.
  • Flexible couplings.
  • Sliding surface (e.g. drag lines and shovels).
  • Enclosed gears and traction motor gear cases (where leakage is excessive with conventional lubricants).

Key Properties

Test Description 3800 Test Method
Flash Point, °C 234 ASTM D-92
Pour Point, °C -12 ASTM D-97
Viscosity, Kinematic mm²/s @100°C 110 ASTM D-445

Note: The typical characteristics are given as a guide only and may vary according to latest production according to ISO.