Automotive Hypoid Differential Oil

Performance Standard: 

  • API service classification GL-5


  • Prolong Oil & Equipment Life
    Specially selected additives provide good anti-wear, anti-rust and special inhibitor system provide good oxidation stability to resist oil degradation and thinking of oil under severe operating conditions. High performance sulfur-phosphorus EP additive system provides excellent load carrying capacity to protect gear equipment. Resistance to corrosion alloys and ferrous metals.
  • Low Maintenance Cost
    Special dispersant and additive package suspends sludge and carbonaceous deposits in the gear oil, preventing their deposit on gear components and oil seals, thus avoiding the premature oil change overhaul service cost. Excellent thermal stability minimizes the total amount of harmful deposits.


  • All industrial application, automotive hypoid gear differentials operating under high-speed/shock load, high-speed low torque and low-speed high torque conditions where API GL-5 is recommended.
  • It provides excellent lubrication heavy duty non-synchronized manual transmission where API GL-5 performance required.
  • Suitable for hypoid gear axles, motorcycle gear units separated from the engine.
  • Automotive transmission, differential.
  • Moderate to heavily loaded gear sets in stationary and moving equipment.

Key Properties

Properties GL- 5 GL- 5 Test Method
SAE Grade 90 140 -
@40ºC mm2/s 185 355 ASTM D-445
@100ºC mm2/s 17 27 ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index 100 101 ASTM D-2270
Pour PointºC -15 -12 ASTM D-97
Flash Pint (COC)ºC 180 200 ASTM D-92

Note: The typical characteristics are given as a guide only and may vary according to latest production according to ISO.